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Unhappy with old, overused, tattered or stolen reception magazines? Our App offers you and your customers over 400 international newspapers and magazines. Always uptodate, accessable, clean and in mint condition.

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More than 400 international newspapers & magazines!


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waiting rooms

Especially the reading material in your waiting room is crucial for your patient satisfaction. A big and up-to-date variety of magazines and newspaper gives you the oppurtunity to prevent your patiens from getting bored while waiting. Exactly this is what sharemagazines’ service has to offer you. learn more

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hotels, motels & holiday flats

If you´re running a big hotel or a single room appartment, as a host it is your first and foremost goal to offer your guests a pleasent stay at your residence. High ambitions are presented best with excellent service. sharemagazines allows your guests to easily access and choose beween more than 400 newspapers and magazines, over their own mobile devices.

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gastronomy & service

sharemagazines is an intellegent way to increase your businesses attractiveness and revenue. Give your guests unlimited access to over 400 newspapers and magazines, all on their own mobile devices.

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Weather you are getting a new hairstyle or regenerate after your workout in your gym. Make your customers feel right at home, lenghten their dwell time and offer them over 400 newspapers and magazines to choose from, all on their own mobile devices.

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One of the most important aspects in hospitals is hygiene. By reading on a personal device, patients won’t have to touch old an thumbed magazines which is often experienced as unhygenic. Care for a more hygenic- and modern reading-expierience for your patients.

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Sometimes it takes a moment or two and we wait… if it´s a tire change, the flight beeing cancelled or a delayed train. Nobody likes waiting. Severall studies have shown that time spend reading, seems to pass faster. So, what are you waiting for?

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