It’s your choice
First of all, it’s up to you to choose between the different formats: Newspapers, magazines, books, specialist books, and more are up for you to select. Most of the time, the titles are available in either a print or digital version. Then, you have the choice between the different categories we offer: Novels, fictional, non-fictional, and educational books, literature about economic and so much more! You will also be able to find a magazine or book for (almost) every hobby. In the respective categories you will be able to find countless titles (In 2015 alone, 90,000 books were firstly or newly published!). In the end, it comes down to you what to pick.

Our recommendations
Novels: Harry Potter, The Terranauts (T.C. Boyle), Ready Player One (Ernest Cline), Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, The Sleep Revolution (Arianna Huffington), The 100$ Startup (Chris Guillebeau)
Newspapers and magazines: Die Welt kompakt, WWF magazine, Eltern, 11 Freunde, greenup, BergWelten, Business Punk, Berliner Morgenpost, Gala, neo, Musik Express, Missy Magazine, GEO (and more than 350 other titles with sharemagazines)

Looking for inspiration?
There is too much to choose from? Just let others inspire you! Very often you will find lists of top titles or the current best sellers. Or just keep your ears open for information from your friends and family, because: People like you will most likely be able to recommend relevant books for you. If we still have not convinced you to start reading, you can check out our selection of audio books (Tip: A limited range of audiobooks are very often part of music subscription services such as Spotify). You will also be able to find fundamental inspiration for “more reading” on social networks (especially on Pinterest) or as well designed posters (like the ones on Etsy).

You can neatly record every you have learned in our e-books. Just fill out the form and save it or print it out and fill it out. Have fun reading!

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More tips for reading:

  1. Discover advantages
  2. Take your time
  3. Set up goals
  4. Discover diversity