The digital reader circle sharemagazines from Hamburg announces its collaboration with the “Lindner Hotels AG”. Through sharemagazines the renowned hotel group “Lindner Hotels & Resorts” offers its guests enjoyable reading moments with over 350 national and international titles.


Hamburg, April 2018: In future, the digital reader circle sharemagazines from Hamburg cooperates with the “Lindner Hotels AG”. Through the collaboration, the digital enterprise from Hamburg wins another renowned partner from the hotel industry. The digital reader circle is available in even more hotels in Germany now – currently Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Berlin. The Lindner Hotels & Resorts extend their service offers through the digital library that comes with over 350 newspapers and magazines that are updated on a daily basis. Caused of sharemagazine’s successful cooperation with the world’s biggest online newspaper stand “ZINIO”, sharemagazine’s portfolio contains famous foreign-language publications such as TIME MAGAZINE, FORTUNE, PARIS MATCH, NEWSWEEK, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, VANITY FAIR, and VOGUE (USA and Russia). Through the international portfolio, sharemagazines’ partners can reach even more guests no matter what language they speak. After a successful test phase, “Lindner Hotels & Resorts” decided to offer sharemagazines permanently:

„The digital reader circle by sharemagazines is a very good addition of our entertainment program we offer our guests who enjoy using it. Especially the extensive international offers and the simple usability convinced us. Furthermore, this is another step towards the digital age.“

, reports Matthias Janusch, area director of the “Lindner Hotels AG” about the cooperation with sharemagazines.

The sharemagazines app is used increasingly in the hotel and restaurant industry as well as in hospitals and doctor’s offices. It works just like the classic reader circle: The respective locations offer reading materials for their guests, patients, and customers. However, nowadays this does not work “analogously” anymore by providing print titles for the readers on site, but through the app that comes free of charge. Consequently, all guests of a hotel can access the variety of titles at the same time and they even have the possibility to read daily papers and foreign-language publications that the analogue reader circle does not offer.

Jan van Ahrens, CEO at sharemagazines, shares the enthusiasm about the new cooperation:

„The internationalisation of our portfolio is especially relevant for the hotel industry. We are very happy about our promising cooperation with the “Lindner Hotels AG” that makes us reach even more travellers and guests.”

You can check out the locations that offer our sharemagazines library and things to know about our company on:


About sharemagazines
The northern German start-up sharemagazines offers, under the same name, an app for iOS and Android devices that works like a digital reader circle that is accessible in different locations among which are hair dressers, cafés, restaurants, hotels, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. By using the app on their own smartphone or tablet, the readers can access a library including 350 national and international magazines and daily papers free of charge. Through a “locationfinder” the user can see if the service is available or not. Up to now, over 300 locations throughout Germany are part of the sharemagazines network.

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